Vinnie Perricelli – Station Manager

I’m a senior here at Waldorf College and a native of Niagara Falls, New York. I am in my second year as co-manager at KZOW after spending a year as the sports director. What led me to KZOW was my love of play by play commentating. I have been doing it since my sophomore year of high school and its what I want to do after college. In addition to my work at the station I also play baseball for Waldorf.

I go to sporting events as much as possible and I’m diehard fan of all my teams. I’m proud to be from Western New York. We have the best food in the nation and until you go there you’ve missed out on the best chicken wings in the world.


Attn: Vinnie Perricelli
106 South 6th Street
Forest City, IA 50436

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