Hey guys, DJ Ash here. Here we have a production portfolio for the fall semester of Radio Production. No I will not call it beautiful like Mark said. (Just kidding.) Here’s all of them. There are a few that were edited since they were last put up, these will be marked with a version 2 thing. Enjoy!

First Liner

Ashleigh Stingley_First Liner_Sept 13_Final

Faculty Liner (Version 2)

Ashleigh Faculty Liner Version 2

Show Opener

Ashleigh_Show Open_Sept 26

Show Bump

Ashleigh Bumper

Student Liner (Version 2)

Ashleigh Stingley Student Liner Version 2

Midterm Aircheck

Ashleigh Aircheck

Sponsor Promo

Ashleigh Sponsor Promo

Faculty Liner 2 (Version 2)

Ashleigh Faculty Liner 2 Version 2

Community Liner

Ashleigh Community Liner

Station Promo (Version 2)

Ashleigh Station Promo Version 2

Sponsor Liner (Version 2)

Ashleigh Sponsor Liner Version 2

Alumni Liner (Version 2)

Ashleigh Alumni Liner Version 2

TV Liner

Ashleigh Stingley TV Liner

Sponsor Promo 2

Ashleigh Stingley Sponsor Promo 2

Game Opener (Version 2)

Ashleigh Next Line Game Promo Version 2

Music Promo (Version 2)

Ashleigh Music Promo Version 2

Station Promo 2 (Version 2)

Ashleigh Station Promo 2 Version 2

Holiday Liner (Version 2)

Ashleigh Holiday Liner Version 2

Faculty Liner 3 (Version 2)

Ashleigh Faculty Liner 3 Version 2

Holiday Memory

Ashleigh Holiday Memory