Hey guys! Here is all of my production from this semester in Radio 1!


Show Openers

CC-Liz Show Opener

CC-Liz’s Show Opener 1

NEW CC-Liz Show Opener

Hump Day Special


Show Bumper

DJ CC-Liz Bumper


Game Show Tease

Battle of the Sexes


Station I.D.s

CC-Liz Station ID

Courtney KZOW ad

KZOW Liner (Stewie)


Sponsor Liner

Courtney Nu2u Ad


Faculty Liner

Courtney’s Faculty Liner

Faculty Liner 2 (Cathy)

Faculty Liner 3


Community Liner

Community Liner 1


Holiday Liner/Memory

CC-Liz Christmas Memory

CC-Liz Holiday Liner


Student Liner

Courtney Student Liner


WalTv Promo

WalTv Promo


Club Liner

Courtney Club Liner


Waldorf Ad

Courtney Waldorf Ad


Music Promo

Courtney’s Music Promo!