Here is all my Radio 1 production from the whole semester. The last few are some of my favorite ones that I made for practicum. Enjoy!!

Maggie Name Liner:

Maggie’s Name Liner

Maggie Faculty Liner:

Maggie Faculty LinerĀ 

Maggie Show Opener:

Maggie Show Opener

Maggie, Maggie and Kristen Bumps

Maggie Bump 1.L

Kristen&Maggie Bump

Maggie Student Liner


Maggie Faculty Liner2:

Maggie Faculty Liner2

Maggie Sponsor Liner:

Maggie Sponser Liner

Maggie Community Liner:

Maggie’s Community Liner

Maggie Station ID:

Station ID

Maggie Sponsor Promo:

Cabin Coffie Liner

Maggie TV Liner:

Maggie’s TV Liner

Maggie Game show Intro:

Intro song

Maggie Sponsor Promo 2:

Maggie Serenity Spa promo

Maggie Music Promo:

Maggie’s Music Liner

Maggie Station ID2:

Station ID2

Maggie Christmas Liner:

Maggie’s Holiday Liner

Maggie Christmas Memory:

Maggie Christmas Memory

Here is some of the production I did for practicum

Maggie Waldorf Ad:


Maggie KZOW promo:


Maggie Like Fire Liner:


Maggie Torch:

Maggie’s Torch Liner