Production Director

What up, my name is Kurtis and I am from Ontario, California.  I am currently a senior at Waldorf University majoring in Communications with an emphasis in Digital Media and Graphic Design.  Along with that, I am also a part of the Men’s Soccer team and have been with KZOW 91.9 for four years now.

Here at KZOW, I am the Assistant Production Director.  As the title states, I deal with the production at KZOW. It is my job to bring forth the best bumps, ads and station ID’s that my crew and I create.

Outside from my station life, one can find me doing a plethora of things. The first is being on air in the station. I have done a few shows for KZOW the most successful being the AM drive time show LDK in the Morning. I enjoy taking pictures and work as a photographer for the athletic department, as well as any freelance work I can find. I do most of the marketing and graphic work for Waldorf’s soccer teams and occasionally lend a helping hand to Waldorf University’s marketing when asked.

Where I do I want all of this to take me in life is simple.  I have two big dreams in life, one is to be a radio personality for my favorite radio station KROQ and the second, is to have one my photos to be published by National Geographic.



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