Ashleigh here again with one of her last posts here ever. Just a few more weeks and we’re done with radio practicum. But that doesn’t mean I can slack off. This week I have four (Count them, four!) liners for you. They aren’t perfect yet, they will be tweaked more before our final productions are due, but I loved how all of them turned out. I have a few picky spots, but they turned out great.

The first piece is the Holiday Liner. For this one, I did the voice, the sound effect was twinkling, and the song was Christmas Angels by Michael Smith.

The second piece is another Faculty Liner,this one more holiday ready. The voice was John Shook and the song was parts from The First Noel by Tobymac and Owl City.

The third piece is the long overdue alumni liner. This is my fault. It was due a few weeks ago, but I had to find time to bring an alumni down, then I had to switch alumni. The voice is provided by Bjorn, our music GA, the sound effect was Earth Zooming Out, and the song was Piece of Me instrumental by Katy Perry.

The final piece wasn’t due today. This is a version one that will probably be fixed before it’s due Mon. I posted it just in case. It’s our Holiday Memory. I provided the voice, the sound effect was sleigh bells, and the songs were Sleigh Ride instrumental and Carol of the Bells by the Trans Saberian Orchestra.


Holiday Liner

Ashleigh Holiday Liner

Faculty Liner 3

Ashleigh Faculty Liner 3

Alumni Liner

Ashleigh Alumni Liner

Holiday Memory Draft

Ashleigh Holiday Memory