Here is my Radio Production work for Fall Semester 2013! Enjoy!

Kristen’s Name Liner

Kristen’s Show Opener Liner

kristen show opener

Kristen’s Bump Liner

kristen bump 2.L

Kristen and Maggie’s Bump Liner

Kristen&Maggie Bump

Kristen’s Student Liner

kristen student liner

Kristen’s Sponsor Promo

sponsor promo kristen

Kristen’s Community Liner

community kristen

Kristen’s Alumni Liner

kristen alumni liner

Kristen’s Sponsor Liner

kristen – taco jerry’s liner – sponsor

Kristen’s TV Liner

tv liner kristen

Kristen’s Music Promo

kristen music promo.ptf

Kristen’s Station ID

kristen kzow liner

forest city – kristen

Kristen’s Christmas Liner

kristen christmas linerĀ 

Kristen’s Christmas Memory

Christmas Memory

Here are a few extras that I did over the semester as well! :

Kristen’s Torch Liner

the torch

Kristen Extra Liner

kristen extra liner