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Production Director

Alex Burns

Hey Everyone!

My name is Alexander Burns and I am a Production Director for KZOW 91.9 ACTIVE RADIO.  My job is to make sure when the music isn’t playing, you will still hear something catchy on the radio in between songs. This is my last year here at Waldorf, so let’s make it a good one.

I am a Business Marketing major and a Communications minor while also being involved in Theatre on the side.  When I’m not busy with school or the theatre, you can find me working at Bill’s Family Foods or in your Waldorf University Cafeteria.

I am from Westbrook, MN and plan on staying in the Midwest for awhile after I graduate.  I hope to pursue a job in Radio Advertising or Marketing.

You can follow me on my various social media platforms:

Twitter: ripsterdemon

Snapchat: ripsterdemon

Instagram: AlexanderBrns



Attn: AAlex Burns
106 S. 6th Street
Forest City, Iowa 50436


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