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Music Director

Victoria Carra

Hey everyone, my name is Victoria Carra, this my third year at Waldorf University, but I am graduating in May! I am a communications major with an emphasis in digital media, journalism, and public relations! I am also a cheerleader here! I am the music director for KZOW 91.9, so I try and find new and interesting music that fits the sound of our station!

I was lucky enough to spend the past summer interning at both Iowa Public Television and United Way of Central Iowa! I learned so much this summer and cannot wait to apply it to the station!

I grew up in a small town just south of Des Moines, IA, called Carlisle. I was lucky enough to have many opportunities at Carlisle which is what led me to the great school that is Waldorf!

Make sure you listen to KZOW 91.9 and tell me what songs you love and if there are any you want to be added to the rotation!



Attn: Victoria Carra
106 S. 6th Street
Forest City, Iowa 50436


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